Little Jamaica

An estimated 100,000 Jamaicans immigrated to Canada in the 1970s & 1980s. Many settled in Toronto on Eglinton Ave West between Oakville Ave and Allen road, thereby creating “Little Jamaica”

Even though people from the Caribbean make up approximately 6% of the area 40+ years since that migration, the Jamaican and Caribbean presence is still alive and well. The Fairbank Village BIA is dedicated in its mission to engage residents and promote local businesses in the community. 



A West African fruit that makes up part of the Jamaican nation dish; Ackee and Salt Fish (Salted Cod Fish)

Take a stroll on Eglinton Ave West around lunch time will welcome you with a bouquet of spices and foods from the many Jamaican and West Indian restaurants preparing and serving lunch crowds at the various restaurants and cook shops. Check out places like Ocean Grill Restaurant, The 6IX Jamaican Cuisine and Yum Yum Restaurant for iconic Jamaican dishes like Ackee (a fruit that originated in West Africa) and salted codfish, curried chicken (aka chicken curry), and oxtail.

Want some some Art and Jewelry? Take a stroll down the street and check out Black Diamond Gallery and Business center for some authentic Caribbean and unique paintings and sculptures.

Likkle Jamaica - Jamaican Patois Version

An esti’mated 100,000 Jamaicans muv com a Canadah’ inna 1970 an 1980. Nuff a dem sekkle inna Toronto pan Eglinton Ave Wes’ between Oakville Ave an Allen road, and tun it inna likke Jamaica. 

Even doe only 6% of people who live inna di area come from di Caribbean, 40 years afta dem move yah, yo still can feel di Jamaican vibes. The Fairbank Village BIA is dedicated to its mission fi mek residents know bout and promote local businesses inna di community. 

When yo walk pon Eglinton Ave inna lunch time, yo can smell di taste good food from yaad and all ova di West Indies a cook and share out at di cook shop dem. Check out Ocean Grill Restaurant, The 6IX Jamaican Cuisine and Yum Yum Restaurant  for Ackee and Salt Fish, curry chicken an’ oxtail.

If yo waa buy sum Art an Jewelry, tek a walk dung’a Black Diamond Gallery an business center for some real Caribbean an unique paintings and sculptures. Big up yo’self and walk good.

- Written by Aundrey Wilson (A Jamaica mi come from)

Get to know some of our businesses:

Ocean Grill Restaurant

 2442 Dufferin St, York

The 6IX Jamaican Cuisine

2344 Dufferin St.

Yum Yum Restaurant

2450 Eglinton Ave W