Ahad Shoes Storefront.jpg

Ahad Shoes

1887 Eglinton Ave. West
York, Ontario
Phone: 416-256-6000

Men's and women's shoes, hiking shoes, evening shoes, sandals, and women's seasonal handbags 

House of Moss Storefront.jpg

House of Moss

1904 Eglinton Ave. West
Toronto, ON
Phone: 416-783-6312

The House of Moss is committed to offering shoppers a large selection of quality menswear, ladies and men’s shoes at the lowest possible everyday prices.

Champs Elysees Boutique Storefront.jpg


2009 Eglinton Ave. West
Toronto, Ontario
Phone: 416-850-7899

Finding unique clothing can be quite challenging, to ensure that you standout from the crowd drop by Champs Elysees Boutique today to find that perfect clothing item for women. Style it up and get ready to hit the clubs.

Quality Cleaners Centre Storefront.jpg

Quality Cleaners Centre

2015 Eglinton Ave. West
Toronto, Ontario
Phone: 416-785-5699

Let Quality Cleaners Centre maintain your look of perfection with their premium services: dry cleaning, laundry & alterations.

Quick Cleaners Storefront.jpg

Quick Cleaners

1938 Eglinton Ave. West
Toronto, Ontario
Phone: 416-783-4361

Family owned and operated cleaners that plainly enjoys providing a high level of service for their customers. Environmentally friendly green earth cleaning, alternations done in house at an affordable price.

Tee Shirt People Storefront.jpg

Tee Shirt People

1920 Eglinton Ave. West
Toronto, Ontario
Phone: 416-747-1115
Phone: 416-792-2331
Cell Phone: 416-801-3458

Tee Shirt People is a family owned apparel shop that has been creating customized clothing items for Torontonians over the past 10 years. You can order online! Feel free to browse through their website and catalog of items. Whether you need 1 customized shirt or 1000, they can do it all!