Calling all Volunteers! We need great people to join us in our crusade to bring fun to the neighborhood, whether it’s being a festival ambassador, helping to set up an event, giving out free food and goodies, dressing up in costume, supervising kids activities or a number of other great roles, we can put you to work gaining great work and life experience!

We're very grateful for all the amazing volunteers who make the community events possible!

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The Community Events Volunteers support the execution of community events, special programs, and initiatives. They are integral part of our team contributing to the successful achievement of our goals at Fairbank Village BIA. As a Community Events Volunteer, you will be trained according to the role assigned. These events occur throughout the year in different seasons and could be both inside or outdoor events. The location might change but almost all the opportunities are within the Fairbank Village area near Dufferin and Eglinton. The ideal candidate is comfortable interacting with people of all ages and backgrounds, and in a team environment.


  • Assist the Fairbank Village BIA staff in running of community events, special programs, and initiatives.

  • Able to commit to support in community events according to the schedule and role you sign up for.


  • Punctuality / attendance

  • Attention to the detail

  • Ability to follow instructions

  • Excellent individual and group communication skills

  • Outgoing, enthusiastic and willing to learn

  • Excellent interpersonal skills (and a sense of humor helps!)

  • Highly reliable and professional

  • Ability to do light lifting (a minimum of 15lbs) unless otherwise specified.

  • Leadership when needed for the role


  • Set up tables, seats and/or tents or any required logistic

  • Greet, register and/or help attendees

  • Manage the flow of the crowd

  • Prepare necessary materials for public events.

  • Give out free food and goodies

  • Dress up in a costume

  • Supervise kids’ activities

  • Tear down tables, seats, and/or tents

  • Clean up according to requirement

  • Others according to the needs and related to the event success

  • Please note that specific tasks may change depending on the event and the role you sign up for.



benefits to Volunteering

  • Get the chance to meet new people and make more friends.

  • Explore your strengths and develop new ones like leadership skills.

  • Gain valuable experience and give back to the community.

  • Learn about the exciting career of event planning.

  • Enjoy snacks or pizza on us.

  • Receive one token or bus ticket if you need it.

  • Fulfill graduation requirements while you are having fun with us.

  • A great addition to your resume.


Prior experience is beneficial but not required. We have many volunteers who are both new or experienced volunteers.


For the majority of the Event Volunteer Positions, training will be provided the day of the event. This is why punctuality is a key for these positions. If prior training is required, it will say so in the description of the activity.


Most spots are 2-6 hours depending on the event and number of volunteers working at the event. You can also sign up for 2 spots back-to-back.


Community Events Volunteer typically commit to a one-day event of their choice. If you need it, a Supervisor will sign your school form or we can email you a letter one week after the event certifying the number of hours you volunteered. You can add this to your resume.

Volunteers looking for a special reference for job or other applications should expect to volunteer a minimum of 5 events and have contributed a minimum of 50 hours, so that we have a chance to get to know you in order to better describe your skills and qualifications. Any reference will be provided based on an evaluation of your performance and feedback from event Supervisors. Since there are so many great volunteers, it’s a good idea to mention to the Supervisors that you are planning to volunteer a lot and will be looking for a reference, so they can take note.

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  1. We welcome volunteers of all ages. For those 13 years or younger, parental permission is required prior to booking your spot. For those 12 yrs or younger, parental supervision or other adult supervision (designated in writing by a parent) is required.

  2. Our cancellation policy is 24-48 hours. Although notice a week in advance more helpful for offering the spot to another volunteer and is required for large group bookings.

  3. Repeated no shows at events a volunteer signed up for may result in a ban from all future opportunities.

  4. Photography and video is taken at our community events and may be used for the organization's promotional materials. We cannot guarantee you won't show up in a picture, so please keep that in mind when signing up.

  5. All volunteers are to be treated and to treat each other with respect.

  6. The safety of volunteers, staff and attendees is paramount. Volunteers must behave responsibly, follow directions and ask for help from a Supervisor if they have any questions or concerns.

  7. There is no specific dress code; however, volunteers should be clean and presentable. Volunteers should also dress appropriately for the weather for the outdoor events and wear close-toe shoes that are comfortable for walking and standing in.

  8. Volunteers may be removed from the volunteer opportunity contact list or banned from all future opportunities without notice if rules 1-7 are breached at the discretion of Fairbank Village.

  9. By volunteering, all volunteers agree to these rules.