Call for Mural Artist Proposals



Artists are welcome to provide apply to for the proposed mural location below up until July 11, 2019 at 4:30pm.

Mural Location - 1883 and 1885 Eglinton Ave W

The Fairbank Village BIA will be looking to create a dynamic and bright addition to the Eglinton Streetscape. The design will complement the existing artwork in the community which has themes of history and nature in the City.

We will be looking to create a colourful mural with elements of the importance of nature in the City and sustainability, which will visualize well from a distance along the busy street, speak well to the local community and act as deterrent to tagging which is becoming a greater issue. We also will prioritize a design proposal that makes good use of the two walls to create something unique with the double wall effect.

Preference will be given to works that are innovative and relate to the Fairbank Village community.